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Review: Devices Adapted to the Outdoor Life

Whether you are hiking a mountain trail, camping in a dense forest or just hanging out in your backyard, your devices need to be rugged enough to withstand the elements, as well as accidental drops. Here are a few noteworthy items to keep in mind for your next outdoor adventure.


G-Technology’s G-Drive ev ATC with Thunderbolt is an all-terrain case with a 1-terabyte hard drive inside. Credit Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

G-Drive ev ATC With Thunderbolt, $230

The G-Drive ev ATC from G-Technology is a sturdy, lightweight portable hard drive intended to keep data secure when you are out in the field. “ATC” stands for the all-terrain case, which holds a one-terabyte hard drive inside. G-Technology says the case will protect the drive from pressure, shock, water and dust, and it will float in water. The case has a Thunderbolt cable that is easily tucked away, and the drive also has a USB 3.0 port, making it a flexible storage system. For those who already own a G-Drive ev hard drive, a stand-alone all-terrain case is available for $130.


The Venture 30 Solar Recharging Kit from Goal Zero includes a recharger and a solar panel. Credit Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

Venture 30 Solar Recharging Kit, $170

With a portable backup battery, being off the grid does not mean being without power. Goal Zero goes a step further with its solar power pack, which includes its durable Venture 30 Recharger and Nomad 7 Solar Panel. The Recharger has an attached micro-USB cable and a USB port for charging other devices, with the ports protected by rubber coating.

When the device runs out of juice, the solar panel can be used to recharge it. (Charging takes eight hours in full sunlight.) A “pass-through” feature allows the Recharger to send out power while it is charging. And its smart-charging technology means that devices will be charged at their intended amperage.