5 ways to make money online in Nigeria

According to InternetWorldStats.com, a
staggering 72 million Nigerians now have access
to the Internet. However, much fewer Nigerians are aware of the possibility of making money
online. »

Not only is it possible to make money online in
Nigeria, but it is also possible to turn online business into a highly profitable, full-time

Here are five proven ways to make money
online in Nigeria.

1. Freelancing
This involves rendering services such as
ghostwriting, website design, graphic design, and
data entry to clients online. Clients can be found
either on freelance outsourcing sites (Elance,
Freelancer, etc.) or on other platforms such as
online forums and social media. These clients
pay per project rather than paying a fixed salary.

2. Information marketing
This model of online business entails packaging
valuable information into e-books, e-courses, or videos, and selling it online to people who are
eager to have it. E-books are the commonest
forms of information products. Videos (such as
fitness guides or language lessons) are also becoming increasingly popular.

3. Affiliate marketing
An affiliate marketer makes money by promoting
products or services created by another individual or business (the merchant). Each
time a new customer referred by the affiliate
marketer completes a purchase, he earns a specified commission. The commission could be
a fixed amount or a specified percentage of the sale amount.

4. E-commerce

This involves creating and running an online
store where physical or digital products are
offered for sale. Online stores are becoming
more popular because Nigerians find it more
convenient to buy things over the Internet from
the comfort of their homes or offices. Jumia
and Konga are examples of ecommerce businesses in Nigeria.

5. Blogging

Another smart way to make money online is to
set up a blog, which is a simple, easy-to-update
type of website designed for frequent updating.
Usually, a blog focuses on one or few topics. As
the blog is promoted and updated frequently
with new posts, it will attract more visitors and
build a loyal audience over time. After achieving
that, a blog can be monetized through selling
advert slots to interested advertisers or through other methods.

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