This 3-Year-Old Solved A Mysterious Murder, But That’s Not The Strangest Part

Although reincarnation is an ancient concept, its existence still has yet to be scientifically proven. But the story of this three-year-old
boy who remembered his murder from a past life may be the closest thing we have.

Not only did this boy remember being murdered, he also led his village to the
location of his former body, and even to the man who did the deed.

A 3-year-old-boy living in Golan Heights (near Syria) began telling people he remembered who he was in a past life.

Nobody believed him at first, until he told his elders that he could prove it.


The boy led his elders to a spot outside of the village. He claimed this was where his body was buried on the night his former self was killed. Sure enough,
when the elders dug, they found the secret grave of an unknown skeleton.


He then led the elders to another spot. Here they found an axe, which the boy claimed was the murder weapon.


The shape of the weapon corresponded to the skull wound on the recovered body. What’s even stranger is this: the boy, in his current form, has a birthmark
in the exact same spot on his forehead.


The elders then followed the boy to a nearby village. He approached a strange man and claimed that he was once his neighbor. The man turned ghost-white when he saw the boy, and the child explained that this was because he was the one who murdered him.

Realizing the weapon and the body had been found, the man confessed to the murder of his
old neighbor. He was tried and found guilty.
Although the boy’s account was not used in the trial, the events he supposedly remembered and the evidence he helped authorities discover were irrefutable in court.

So whether or not this is a case of
reincarnation or just mere coincidence remains a mystery. In any case, it’s still a crazy story, and it’s kind of hard to explain.


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