Mother-In-Law Hit By Bullet Fired At Armadillo


A woman has been accidentally shot by her son-in-law after he was apparently aiming at an armadillo, according to reports.

Larry McElroy, 54, was outside his mother-in-law’s mobile home in Lee County, Georgia, on Sunday night when he took aim at the

The man was believed to be about 100 yards
from the home when he fired his 9mm pistol
at the animal.

The scene of the shooting in Lee County.

The victim, identified in local reports as 74-year-old Carol Johnson, was taken to hospital
and is expected to recover as her injuries are not serious.

Local TV station WALB said the bullet bounced off the armadillo, hit a fence, went through the back door of the mobile home and struck Ms Johnson.

Officials acknowledged the bizarre case defied belief.

Bill Smith, an investigator with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, told the TV station: “Just the circumstances – just all the way around – the whole situation was unusual.”

No charges have been filed so far.

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