(Breaking news) Troops rescue 200 girls, 93 women in Sambisa forest

The Director, Defence Information, Maj. Gen. Chris Olukolade, has confirmed that the troops
of the Nigerian Army have rescued 200 girls and 93 women during a raid on Sambisa Forest in
Borno State.

However, Olukolade could not however confirm
whether the rescued girls were the Chibok girls, who were kidnapped from the GovernmentvSecondary School, Chibok, Borno State in April last year or not.

The Defence spokesman told our correspondent on the telephone that the tweets on the twitter
handle of the Nigeria military supplied the true information about the military operation in

The Defence authorities had stated in threebtweets that the soldiers rescued the girls and
the women during an invasion of the Boko Haram stronghold.

It was further stated that the freed girls and women were being screened and profiled.

The Defence authorities stated specifically that the military had not been able to confirm whether the girls were part of the Chibok girls, who were abducted by Boko Haram on April 14, 2014.

It was further stated that the troops also destroyed three terrorists camps including
Tokumbere, which is said to be highly notorious (for crimes).

He said, “Troops this afternoon rescued 200 girls and 93 women from Sambisa. We cannot confirm if the Chibok girls are in the roup.
“The troops captured and destroyed three terrorists camps including the notorious Tokumbere Camp in the Sambisa Forest operation.

“The freed persons are now bein screened and
profiled. We will bring you details later.”


5 ways to make money online in Nigeria

According to InternetWorldStats.com, a
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This model of online business entails packaging
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This 3-Year-Old Solved A Mysterious Murder, But That’s Not The Strangest Part

Although reincarnation is an ancient concept, its existence still has yet to be scientifically proven. But the story of this three-year-old
boy who remembered his murder from a past life may be the closest thing we have.

Not only did this boy remember being murdered, he also led his village to the
location of his former body, and even to the man who did the deed.

A 3-year-old-boy living in Golan Heights (near Syria) began telling people he remembered who he was in a past life.

Nobody believed him at first, until he told his elders that he could prove it.


The boy led his elders to a spot outside of the village. He claimed this was where his body was buried on the night his former self was killed. Sure enough,
when the elders dug, they found the secret grave of an unknown skeleton.


He then led the elders to another spot. Here they found an axe, which the boy claimed was the murder weapon.


The shape of the weapon corresponded to the skull wound on the recovered body. What’s even stranger is this: the boy, in his current form, has a birthmark
in the exact same spot on his forehead.


The elders then followed the boy to a nearby village. He approached a strange man and claimed that he was once his neighbor. The man turned ghost-white when he saw the boy, and the child explained that this was because he was the one who murdered him.

Realizing the weapon and the body had been found, the man confessed to the murder of his
old neighbor. He was tried and found guilty.
Although the boy’s account was not used in the trial, the events he supposedly remembered and the evidence he helped authorities discover were irrefutable in court.

So whether or not this is a case of
reincarnation or just mere coincidence remains a mystery. In any case, it’s still a crazy story, and it’s kind of hard to explain.

Mother-In-Law Hit By Bullet Fired At Armadillo


A woman has been accidentally shot by her son-in-law after he was apparently aiming at an armadillo, according to reports.

Larry McElroy, 54, was outside his mother-in-law’s mobile home in Lee County, Georgia, on Sunday night when he took aim at the

The man was believed to be about 100 yards
from the home when he fired his 9mm pistol
at the animal.

The scene of the shooting in Lee County.

The victim, identified in local reports as 74-year-old Carol Johnson, was taken to hospital
and is expected to recover as her injuries are not serious.

Local TV station WALB said the bullet bounced off the armadillo, hit a fence, went through the back door of the mobile home and struck Ms Johnson.

Officials acknowledged the bizarre case defied belief.

Bill Smith, an investigator with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, told the TV station: “Just the circumstances – just all the way around – the whole situation was unusual.”

No charges have been filed so far.

25 Things Dads Are Hardly Told To Do For Their Daughters, But Should


1. Know that from day one, she’ll
always be your little girl. But you
have to put in the effort to keep it
that way.

2. Don’t assume or influence what her interests
will be because she’s a girl. Don’t just point out
flowers and dolls. Show her cars and LEGOs,

3. Let her help you around the house or with
your work. She’ll grow up to be a woman who
feels confident stepping up in the workplace, no
matter the job.

4. Talk to her mama like an equal, not an
inferior, and she’ll someday expect the same.

5. Show her your sensitive side. She’ll see that
if she’s sensitive, too, it doesn’t make her weak.

6. Have inside jokes or games, just between the
two of you. Trust me, she’ll remember them

7. Encourage her to do the things
that scare her, because you’ll
always have her back.

8. Make her promises, and then keep them. The
only heartbreak in her life should come from
others who don’t know how special she is.

9. Show her the skills that you know well.

10. Ask her to show you the skills that she
knows well and you don’t.

11. Attempt to understand her interests even
when you don’t. You’ll teach her that no matter
what her talents are — ballet, art or wrestling with the boys— they matter.

12. This is especially true if her interests are
more “girly.” Teach her that her interests are
just as important no matter what they are.

13. If you wouldn’t say it to a
son, don’t say it to your daughter.

14. When she comes to you with a problem,
don’t brush her off or tell her to go to her
mother. Listen. She’ll come back.

15. Don’t talk about her changing body, or
interest in sexuality, with disgust. You’ll only
teach her that she should be ashamed of it.

16. Don’t talk about other’s women’s bodies in
an objectifying or demeaning way. She’s
listening, and then examining her own.

17. Talk about strong women in front of her, not
just strong men, and she’ll aspire to be them
someday, and will know she has a chance.

18. Work stuff out with her mother in front of
her. She’ll see that women deserve a voice in
relationships and will look for someone who will
appreciate hers.

19. Don’t joke about having a
shotgun when boys come over.
You’ll only teach her that you
don’t trust her judgement.

20. Stand up for injustice and the oppressed.
Believe the oppressed when they say they’re
oppressed. You’ll show her compassion and that
there’s nothing unmanly or inferior about doing what is right.

21. If you lead by example, you won’t need to
scare the bad boys away. She’ll want better.

22. If there is a bad boy in the bunch, make sure
you’re there if her heart should break. Chances
are, it will. Make yourself available for her to
turn to, and not back to him.

23. Tell her that the only person in charge of
what happens to her body is her.

24. Compliment her, and her mother, often.

25. Tell her you love her. Text her about the
game. Let her know that no matter what, you’ll
always be there.