Surrender or face death, Chadian President warns Shekau

President Idriss Deby

President Idriss Deby of Chad on Wednesday
called on Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau,
to surrender or face death.
Derby told a news conference in N’djamena,
that he knows the whereabouts of Shekau, who,
according to him, was sighted in Dikwa , a
village in Borno State two days ago.
“Abubakar Shekau must surrender. We know
where he is. If he doesn’t give himself up he
will suffer the same fate as his compatriots,” he
“He (Shekau) was in Dikwa two days ago. He
managed to get away but we know where he is.
It’s in his interests to surrender,” Deby added.
Chadian troops earlier this week liberated the
village which is about 85 kilometres away from
Maiduguri, the Borno State capital from Boko
During a battle for the village, the Chadian
soldiers killed over 100 Boko Haram insurgents.
The insurgents were said to have fled to a
huge building where they were found inside
wardrobes by the troops, who fired volleys of
bullets at them.
But in an apparent last act of defiance, a
suicide bomber among the fighters climbed into
a truck carrying gas canisters and blew it up,
killing a Chadian soldier and injuring 34.
A Chadian soldier told a Reuters reporter
visiting the town after fighting subsided, that the
building was Boko Haram’s command centre.
“They came to hide here as we advanced,” the
soldier said, pointing to the bodies in the
The Chadian army spokesman, Col. Azem
Bermandoa, who confirmed the killings, said his
men chased those who escaped about 15
kilometres out of the town, where many walls
were sprayed with bullets and most houses lay
According to the report, the Nigerian military
had listed Dikwa as one of the towns it wanted
to liberate from the insurgents before the
general elections.
Chadian forces had planned to take the town
last month, but were ordered back by the
Nigeria military , which said it planned to attack
But a Chadian soldier in Dikwa claimed that the
closest Nigerian soldiers got to the town as of
the time of the latest development was 50
Abandoned bombs cause stir in Adamawa town
There is apprehension in Gombi, Adamawa State
over 30 bombs said to have been dumped in the
area by the men of the Nigerian Air Force.
It was gathered that the bombs were dumped
three days ago because they had expired and
therefore inactive.
Soldiers deployed in the area and vigilante
members were said to have surrounded the area
out of fear that the weapons could fall into the
hands of insurgents.
One of the soldiers however said that they
later pulled out of the area when they were
alerted that the bombs were inactive.
But an indigene of the community told one of
our correspondents that they were not
convinced that the bombs would not go off.
He said, “As we are talking, we are still agitated
because we are not convinced by the
explanation that the bombs are useless and
would not be taken away by the Boko Haram
for other missions.
“When the items were discovered, the soldiers
and our vigilante members were called in but
the soldiers left when the Air Force explained
that the bombs were expired and useless.
“But the vigilante members have refused to
relax their watch over the area because they
feel the Boko Haram people could steal and
use them against us. We are also of the opinion
that the bombs could go off.”
The Director, Defence Information, Maj. Gen.
Chris Olukolade, could not be reached for
comment as calls to his mobile line did not
Meanwhile, only Monguno out of the several
communities liberated from Boko Haram over
a week remains accessible.
Most of the towns largely remain “a no go area”
as the military keep watch over them even as
residents that fled in the wake of their capture
are still afraid to return.
The Chairman of Monguno Local Government
Area of Borno State, Ali Galgal, paid a visit to
Monguno on Sunday.
It was gathered that Galgal was in the town to
assess the level of destruction that took place
during the short reign of the Boko Haram
One of those that visited the area with the
chairman but who pleaded that his name should
not be in print, told one of our correspondents in
Maiduguri that “the chairman presented food
items to rescued persons.”
He added, “Alhaji Galgal urged them to
consider what happened to them as part of
destiny. He asked them to pray for a lasting
peace in Borno State and the country in general.
“The chairman, who went from street to street
in Monguno town, found decomposed bodies
scattered everywhere. He also found dead
bodies in some houses and government
“It was also discovered that the insurgents
successful looted many houses and business


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