14 Timeless Rules to Keep You Sane

Advice for healthy living from 1927

Back in 1927, at a convention of the American Public Health Association, one Dr. Robert E. Humphreys explained to the crowd that stress caused by financial trouble could lead to health trouble. Nearly a century later, we know that he was right: long-term stress actually does harm your health.

And that’s not all he was right about. Dr. Humphreys went on to provide 14 “rules for sane living” that TIME reprinted in the Oct. 31, 1927, issue—and they just go to show that emotional eating isn’t exactly a modern problem.

Don’t laugh: according to one 2011 study, driving after eating actually is dangerous. Dr. Humphreys is likely no longer alive, but if he is, we officially give him the right to say “told you so.”


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