Top 3 most beautiful cities in the world


Once again the European continent is stacking
all the most beautiful and alluring cities in its
hands. We would have thought of other cities in
the United States or in India but this is not the
case. Venice, Paris and Prague still keeps the
top rank most beautiful cities from all over the


Unanimous among tourists in all corners of the
earth, Venice was and still remains the most
beautiful city in the world. Its being located in
the marshy Venetian Lagoon brings a unique
charm to the structure of the city. The Lagoon is
stretching along the shoreline which brings an
artistic touch to the architecture of the city.
Venetia Lagoon is making the charm and fame
of Venice. Thanks to the Lagoon, city was
awarded a being the World Heritage Site in the
world. Work-of-art buildings reflecting its history
brings it to be known and called the most
romantic city. The city has been called in several
names such as La Dominante, Serenissima,
Queen of the Adriatic, City of Water, City of
Masks and City of Canals. The city is also the
center of silk, grain and spice commerce. Art has
taken an important place among inhabitants and
tourist. During several eras, Venice became
wealthy because of the commerce and art
prominent there. Symphonic and operatic music
lovers can fully enjoy local music.


With the monumental square, the Seine and the
streets of Montmartre, Paris is attracting tourists
and visitors’ eyes. The city is elegant and
sophisticated. Walled cathedral cities are giving
an historical touch to the Ville of Paris. It is now
one of the world’s leading business and cultural
centers making tourists’ bliss. The Eiffel Tour
combined with Louvre museum and the Arc de
Triomphe recall memories and nostalgia. For
several years, it has been regarded as an
international center for arts, history and painting.
It is from this city that the most glamorous
boutiques are ranging. Paris is the international
capital of style. Fashionistas travel thousands of
miles just for window-shopping. It can be felt by
the presence of Haute Couture tailoring


Warm summer brings more fame to the
beautifully-preserved historical monuments.
Vltava River, Charles Bridge and the stunningly
beautiful Old Town Square are forming its
beauty. It is the fourteenth-largest city in the
European Union. Its being the historical capital
of Bohemia attracts thousands of tourists every
year. Monuments, buildings and museums
architectures are based on Romanesque, Gothic
and Renaissance eras styles. That is why
alleyways and cobbled streets add a sense of
nostalgia when walking on them. Several cultural
attractions living up the city such as the Prague
Castle, the Jewish Quarter, the Lennon Wall, the
Charles Bridges and Pétrin hill. Museum exhibits,
cinemas, theatres and galleries are covering
streets. Prague still remains the most visited and
the most voted beautiful in the world.


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