Do you know exercising makes you smarter!

You already know that exercising makes your heart healthier, but new research suggests it actually makes your brainhealthier, too. Say goodbye to the dumb jock stereotype!

sev-teen-girl-on-run-drinking-water-mdnA cool new study from the University of Illinois just found a correlation between physical fitness and brain functionality. Basically, the study found that the morephysically fit you are, the better you do on tests that require memorization—score!

To test it out, researchers examined two groups of fit and unfit teens. The fit group  far outperformed the unfit kids on memorization and short quizzes—by almost 20 percent!

But why exactly? Studies show that exercise can enhance prefrontal cortex activity in the brain—where your working memory is.

So if you’ve been having trouble memorizing all the verbs for your Spanish class or the elements on the periodic table for Chem, just get moving!

Do you think you perform better in school when you’re in shape? Let us know in the comments!


bethany mota shocks the fashion world by being the most googled designer of 2014!

Unleash YouTube Event And Fan Meet-Up


Congrats are in order for Bethany Mota! Google released its Year In Search 2014 list and the 19-year-old YouTuber tops the list for fashion designers!

Bethers beat out huge peeps, like Kate Spade, Oscar de la Renta, and Alexander Wang as the most Googled designer. Her super-popular line with Aéropostale is to thank, as she currently has cute clothes, accessories, bedding, and even perfume at the affordable chain.

Check out the entire list, below. We can’t wait to see what Bethany has planned for 2015 domination!

Trending Fashion Designers

1. Bethany Mota
2. Kate Spade
3. Oscar de la Renta
4. Rachel Roy
5. L’Wren Scott
6. Valentino
7. Alexander Wang
8. Sherri Hill
9. Edith Flagg
10. Tina Knowles

What do you think about the Google’s most searched list? Do you think Bethany should be on top? Sound off in the comments! 


Source : International Monetary Fund (World Economic Outlook Database-October 2013)

* Though Hong Kong would appear at seventh place on this list with a GDP of $50,936 (per capita), it has not been shown as it a special administrative region of China.

1. Qatar
    Qatar tops the list of the 10 richest countries in the world because of its record-breaking GDP per capita, which is $100,889. The country has a well evolved oil exploration industry and is considered the mainstay of Qatar’s economy. It is striking to note that the petroleum industry contributes over 70% towards the government revenue, approximately 85% towards export earnings, and over 60% towards GDP. Qatar is also one of the nations that has invested hugely in British property and firms.

2. Luxembourg
    Luxembourg with just half a million population ranks number second in the list and has per capita GDP of $77,958, which is multiple times of the world average. The cornerstone of this powerful economy is its exuberant financial sector (with bank holdings almost 20 times of its GDP size), ever increasing and diversified industries to include – steel, rubber, chemicals, etc. and its judicious fiscal policies. Its proximity with Belgium, France, and Germany is also a crucial factor for the prosperity and economic growth of the nation.

3. Singapore
    Singapore, officially known as the Republic of Singapore, is the tiny and self-governing city-state of Southeast Asia. Ranked as the third richest nation in the world, it has per capita GDP of $60,799 and is one of the world’s leading center for commerce. The foundation of Singapore’s wealth is its service sector for finance (the fourth largest financial center), its liberal economic ground that promotes innovation and growth, and its export industry for chemicals. Moreover, the country has the world’s second busiest port that exported $414 billion of commodities in the year 2011.

4. Norway
    Norway or the Kingdom of Norway has the world’s fourth highest per capita GDP – $54,397 – allowing its five million population to reap the profit of its strong economy. Having large-scale reserves of natural gas, petroleum, minerals, seafood, and fresh water, Norway is the third biggest exporter of natural gas, eighth biggest exporter of crude oil, and ninth biggest exporter of refined oil in the world.

5. Brunei Darussalam
    The world’s fifth richest country, Brunei, has extraordinary wealth owing to its extensive natural gas and oil reserves. The per capita GDP is $54,114 and the data indicates that both oil and gas reserves contribute more than 60% towards the nation’s economy and around 95% of exports in terms of revenue. Moreover, the country seeks to encourage more and more investment, becoming self-sufficient in food sector, and observing high standards of administration in both private and public sectors.

6. United States
    While most nations mentioned in the list have relatively small population, it is striking to note that the Unites States, the world’s biggest economy, can maintain per capita GDP of $51,704. Having a population of more than 300 million people, the country maintain its biggest and technologically robust economy through its substantial indigenous automotive industry, democratic set up that guards entrepreneurial spirit, and technological sector that upholds innovation.

7. Switzerland
    Switzerland is among those nations that has the world’s most stable economy with per capita GDP of $44,864. The keys to the nation’s economic livelihood, include Swiss banking and financial institutions, highly evolved service sectors, dexterous labor force, and manufacturing industries based on high technology. Moreover, Switzerland has access to extraordinary capital to use for investment motives as word’s wealthiest people and companies hold Swiss Bank accounts. Also, the nation’s most popular cities – Geneva and Zurich – have repeatedly appeared in the top ten list of highest living standard cities in the world.

8. San Marino
    San Marino is the eighth richest country in the world owing to its per capita GDP growth of $42,724. The major industries that keep the economy of the country afloat, include the banking and manufacture industry, tourism, export of fabrics, ceramics, paints, furniture, and electronics. On the other hand, the important agricultural products are cheeses and wines. The country is benefited from foreign investment owing to its comparatively low corporate taxes and moderate taxes on interest earnings.

9. Canada
    The world’s ninth richest nation, Canada, has the most free economy in the region of North America with per capita GDP growth of $42,317. With a population of over 35 million, the country’s economy is predominantly founded on service industry that employs around three quarters of it people. Also, other significant industries boosting the economic growth of the country, include oil and logging industries, automobile industry, and aircraft industry.

10. Australia
    Australia or the Commonwealth of Australia has the world’s biggest capitalist economies with per capita GDP growth of $41,954. The Australian economy is founded on service sector that consists of 68% of GDP, whereas other important sectors, such as mining accounts for 19% of GDP and agriculture accounts for 12% of GDP. Furthermore, the country is home to some of the world’s biggest companies – BHP Billiton, Commonwealth Bank, Woolworths, National Australia Bank, Telstra, and others. Australia’s total wealth, according to the 2013 reports, is 6.4 trillion dollars.

12 Things You Think Guys Care About, But They Really Don’t

When you have a crush, it’s hard not to obsess over what he thinks about you. But the truth is, most of the time guys don’t care or even notice the things you stress about. Yes, there are a lot of things guys care about, like Buffalo wings, sports, video games, cheese (yes, cheese!), baseball hats — and, yeah, girls: how often you call, what your friends say about them, and (secretly) if you like their hair. But there are other things most dudes really couldn’t care less about, like…

1. If you’re a good dancer. Dance like no one is watching. Your crush probably feels just as self-conscious as you do about showing off his moves. But if you let loose and have fun, it gives him permission to do the same.

2. That you forgot to put on mascara. While guys don’t like it when you’re wearing so much makeup that you don’t look like yourself, they probably won’t notice if they run into you sans mascara. Most guys actually prefer your #IWokeUpLikeThis look, so embrace it!

3. How perfect you look in your selfies. It doesn’t matter that you don’t look like Kendall Jenner in every pic. It’s cool to post funny, silly pics. It shows you’re a fun, awesome person to hang around!

4. Your “geeky” obsession with Harry Potter. So what if you still geek out over Harry Potter books you’ve read 3 million times? He might do the same!  Even if he doesn’t get it, if a guy’s into you, he’ll think your encyclopedic knowledge of the wizarding world is just part of your charm. What’s hot is having the confidence to own who you are and what you like.

5. If you change your hair. #Guys. You can literally shave the side of your head and most guys won’t notice unless you point it out. It doesn’t mean he’s not into you, or he doesn’t like it. 

6. If you’re good at flirting. He’s probably just as nervous as you are! It’s not like there’s a right or wrong way to flirt anyway. Everyone has awkward crush moments, but if you can laugh about them, it’ll help break the tension and show him you don’t take yourself too seriously.

7. If you’re not into the same music or movies. You don’t have to be into the same things to be into each other! Part of the fun of getting to know someone is learning about and doing cool, new stuff together.

8. If you sweat. You’re human! And, guys love girls who are into sports, so don’t be afraid to show that you’ve got serious skills in gym class.

9. Whether you ask them out. Sure, some dudes like it when you play hard to get, but guys also like a girl who isn’t afraid to show that she’s into him. Confidence is always hot.

10. How you dress. Guys love sweatpants and sneaks just as much as you do. You don’t have to be wearing the sexiest outfit to get a guy’s attention. Being a little mysterious and most importantly, confident is way more sexy anyway. Bottom line: Wear what makes YOU feel hot.

11. If you text him first. Guys get nervous about making the first move, too. Sending him a cute, flirty text first lets him know he won’t be rejected (a major reason guys don’t make a move) without coming off as desperate.
12. What you order at dinner. Don’t have any shame in your game when you order a big Chipotle burrito. Guys love to eat and they love girls who do, too!

What did we miss? Have your guy friends told you about things they don’t care about? Comment below!

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Reverend Libby Lane has been announced as the
first female bishop for the Church of England,
just a month after a historic change to canon
She will become the new Bishop of Stockport, a
post that has been vacant since May.
Mrs Lane has been the vicar at St Peter’s Hale
and St Elizabeth’s Ashley, in the diocese of
Chester, since 2007.
The general synod voted to back plans for
female bishops in July and formally adopted
legislation on 17 November.
The appointment will end centuries of male
leadership of the Church and comes 20 years
after women became priests.
Mrs Lane was ordained a deacon in 1993 and a
priest in 1994, serving her curacy in Blackburn,
Lancashire. Since 2010 she has also held the
role of Dean of Women in Ministry for the
diocese of Chester.
‘Unexpected and exciting’
Speaking at Stockport town hall the new bishop,
whose role was approved by the Queen, said it
was a “remarkable day for me and an historic
day for the Church”.
“This is unexpected and very exciting,” she said.
“I’m honoured and thankful to be called to serve
as the next Bishop of Stockport and not a little
daunted to be entrusted with such a ministry.”
Prime Minister David Cameron congratulated Mrs
Lane and said: “This is an historic appointment
and an important step forward for the Church
towards greater equality in its senior positions”.
Mrs Lane will be consecrated as the eighth
bishop of the town at a ceremony at York
Minster on 26 January.
The first women priests were ordained in 1994,
but to date women have not been able to take
on the Church’s most senior roles.
Legislation to fast track women bishops into the
House Of Lords will be introduced to Parliament
on Thursday.
But Mrs Lane will not be able to enter the House
of Lords, as the post she is taking up is a junior
or suffragan appointment within the Diocese of
Chester, the BBC’s religious correspondent
Caroline Wyatt said.
The first women bishop eligible to take up a seat
in the Lords is expected to be announced in the
new year.
Mrs Lane, who was schooled in Manchester and
then the University at Oxford, before training for
ministry at Cranmer Hall in Durham, dismissed
suggestions her appointment was just a symbolic
gesture by a Church still predominantly run by
The bishop and her husband, who is also a
priest, were one of the first married couples in
the Church of England to be ordained together.
Mrs Lane’s interests include being a school
governor, supporting Manchester United and
learning to play the saxophone, according to her
church’s website.
The general synod, the Church’s law-making
body, gave the final seal of approval to the
legislation on women bishops after it passed
through Parliament in October.
After the change was approved, the Archbishop
of Canterbury Justin Welby said that the Church
was entering into a “completely new phase of
our existence”.
But divisions still remain in the church between
Anglicans who feel the change is consistent with
their faith and traditionalists who disagree.
One of the first crucial steps towards appointing
female bishops came in 1975 when the general
synod voted that there was “no fundamental
objection” to the ordination of women to the
priesthood, but it did not pass a second motion
asking for the legal barriers to women’s
ordination to be removed.
In 1985, a vote allowed women to become
deacons, and in 1992 women were officially
permitted to be ordained in the priesthood, but
the first women priests were not announced until
two years later.
In November 2012, the vote to allow female
bishops failed by six votes in the House of Laity.
But in July 2013, it voted 152 in favour of the
motion, with 45 against, and five abstentions.
Gloucester, Oxford and Newcastle are also
among the dioceses where new bishops will also
soon be appointed, and interviews for the
vacancy as bishop for the Southwell and
Nottingham diocese took place at the start of
Churches in Scotland, Wales and Northern
Ireland already allow women as bishops, but
haven’t appointed one yet.

Nigerian woman killed in the U.S.


The body of 26 year old Adaobi Michaella Obih was found Tuesday at an apartment at Riverstone Apartments in Columbus, Indiana. Her death is being investigated as a homicide.

A spokesman for the Columbus Police Department said her neighbour, 36 year old Ryan Allen Klug, is a person of interest in the case. Ryan also lived in the apartment complex but has gone missing since Adaobi’s body was found.

The Columbus Police have not revealed how and why Adaobi was killed but they’re currently seeking the public’s help in locating Ryan Klug.

Adaobi was the first of two children and was already pursuing her PHD in Electrical Engineering at just 26 years old, she is from Nigerian parents.

Top 3 most beautiful cities in the world


Once again the European continent is stacking
all the most beautiful and alluring cities in its
hands. We would have thought of other cities in
the United States or in India but this is not the
case. Venice, Paris and Prague still keeps the
top rank most beautiful cities from all over the


Unanimous among tourists in all corners of the
earth, Venice was and still remains the most
beautiful city in the world. Its being located in
the marshy Venetian Lagoon brings a unique
charm to the structure of the city. The Lagoon is
stretching along the shoreline which brings an
artistic touch to the architecture of the city.
Venetia Lagoon is making the charm and fame
of Venice. Thanks to the Lagoon, city was
awarded a being the World Heritage Site in the
world. Work-of-art buildings reflecting its history
brings it to be known and called the most
romantic city. The city has been called in several
names such as La Dominante, Serenissima,
Queen of the Adriatic, City of Water, City of
Masks and City of Canals. The city is also the
center of silk, grain and spice commerce. Art has
taken an important place among inhabitants and
tourist. During several eras, Venice became
wealthy because of the commerce and art
prominent there. Symphonic and operatic music
lovers can fully enjoy local music.


With the monumental square, the Seine and the
streets of Montmartre, Paris is attracting tourists
and visitors’ eyes. The city is elegant and
sophisticated. Walled cathedral cities are giving
an historical touch to the Ville of Paris. It is now
one of the world’s leading business and cultural
centers making tourists’ bliss. The Eiffel Tour
combined with Louvre museum and the Arc de
Triomphe recall memories and nostalgia. For
several years, it has been regarded as an
international center for arts, history and painting.
It is from this city that the most glamorous
boutiques are ranging. Paris is the international
capital of style. Fashionistas travel thousands of
miles just for window-shopping. It can be felt by
the presence of Haute Couture tailoring


Warm summer brings more fame to the
beautifully-preserved historical monuments.
Vltava River, Charles Bridge and the stunningly
beautiful Old Town Square are forming its
beauty. It is the fourteenth-largest city in the
European Union. Its being the historical capital
of Bohemia attracts thousands of tourists every
year. Monuments, buildings and museums
architectures are based on Romanesque, Gothic
and Renaissance eras styles. That is why
alleyways and cobbled streets add a sense of
nostalgia when walking on them. Several cultural
attractions living up the city such as the Prague
Castle, the Jewish Quarter, the Lennon Wall, the
Charles Bridges and Pétrin hill. Museum exhibits,
cinemas, theatres and galleries are covering
streets. Prague still remains the most visited and
the most voted beautiful in the world.

Hair How-To: Easy Knotted Updo

Less primping, more celebrating! Check out the
step by step to score this gorge going-out hairdo


1.) Pull Hair Up: Look fancy in seconds! Pin hair
back into a high messy chignon, keeping a 3-inch
section loose in the front.
2.) Knot Pieces: Dab pomade onto fingertips for
grip. Then take sections of loose hair and knot
them together. Repeat until all loose hair is
3.) Pin Back: Once the strands are all tied, add
pins so they stay put. Now, you’re ready to

One of the World’s 6 Remaining Northern White Rhinos Has Died

The animal died of old age at the San Diego Northern White Rhino (Ceratotherium simuZoo

One of the world’s six remaining northern white rhinos died at the San Diego Zoo on Sunday, according to park officials.

Angalifu, 44, reportedly died of old age and had begun refusing to eat last week, reports the Los Angeles Times.

“Angalifu’s death is a tremendous loss to all of us,” said Rancy Reiches, curator of mammals at the zoo’s Safari Park.

Myriad attempts to breed Angalifu with the park’s only other northern white rhino failed. The species now faces complete extinction after decades of wide-scale poaching.

15 Most OMG Moments Of 2014

1. When a fan farted on Demi Lovato during a meet and greet. Demi tweeted about the er, accident, and we all felt embarrassed for the mystery person.

2. When Kylie Jenner finally opened up about her major lips. The Internet couldn’t stop talking about Kylie’s lips, after they went from zero to 100 seemingly overnight, and Kylie posted a photo of her much plumper red pout (which she later deleted). Kylie finally responded to all the buzz about her pucker by asking people to talk about something else, but big sis Kim Kardashian gave the real scoop on how Kylie gets those mega lips.

3. When Taylor Swift basically cried during Selena Gomez’s emotional American Music Awards performance.Selena performed her song about Justin Bieber, “The Heart Wants What It Wants,” for the first time at the 2014 AMAs. It was heart-wrenching, and Tay certainly felt it.

4. When Demi Lovato unfollowed longtime BFF Selena Gomezon Twitter. “People change and grow apart,” she said. No more Delena. *crying*

5. When we found out Miley Cyrus was dating Patrick Schwarzenegger.It meant the true end to our fave celeb couple of all time, Miley and Liam Hemsworth, but it also meant the beginning of a new, super adorable duo!

6. When Katy Perry dressed up as a Cheeto for Halloween. #Genius.

7. When colorful armpit hair became a trend.Would you dare?

8. When Zendaya got Bella Thorne a nacho truck for her birthday. Can Zendaya be our BFF, too?

9. When Bette Midler dissed Ariana Grande’sAmerican Music Awards performance, and Ari shot back with the ~classiest~ response. TheHocus Pocus star criticized Ariana for “trying to be sexy.” But Ari being Ari defended herself like a total pro.

10. When Jason Derulo revealed he broke up with Jordin Sparks over the phone.Really Jason, REALLY?!

11. When someone stole the iconic The Fault In Our Stars bench. It was later returned, but everyTFIOS fan was devastated when some thief stole Hazel and Gus’ iconic Amsterdam bench, because obvi we all dream of kissing our crush on that bench some day. #LifeGoals.

12. When Mona was killed off on Pretty Little Liars. We’re still not over it!

13. When we found out that Hello Kitty actually is NOT a cat. She’s a girl, Sanrio revealed. Apparently no one ever said she was a cat, as she doesn’t walk on all fours. Um, OK. This is how we felt when we learned the truth:

14. When Katy Perry compared Taylor Swift to Regina George.After Taylor Swift said in a Rolling Stoneinterview that she was feuding with an artist in the industry who apparently try to sabotage her tours, Katy posted this cryptic Tweet that everyone was convinced was about Tay. Draaaammmaaa!

15. And last but definitely not least, when Ariana Grande got smacked in the face by a Victoria’s Secret Angel’s wings.Too bad Victoria’s Secret decided not to air the moment, but you can still relive it here

Did we miss anything? What moments shocked you most this year? Comment below!