8 Thoughts Everyone Has During A First Kiss


1. Oh man we’ve reached that ~awkward pause in the conversation~ moment and he’s staring at my lips. IS IT GOING TO HAPPEN?!

How does my hair look??

2. But wait—is my breath okay? It has to be okay, right? UGH, I knew I should have said yes to his gum offer!


3. Okay, I think this is it. Wait, should I turn my head to the left, or to the right??

Why is this so confusing?

4. AHHH he’s going in for the kiss! Are we just going to peck, or are we making out??

Open mouth or closed mouth??

5. Oh god, I think I just hit his teeth. And what should I do with my hands??! Do I grab his face?

This is too much pressure.

6. Am I doing this right? Am I being too sloppy?! Is it too weird if I open my eyes right now?


7. Should I open my mouth more? Yes, yes I should. OK wait, I think my jaw is going to fall off—maybe if I pull back, he’ll take the the tongue tornado down a notch.

8. STOP THINKING. Okay yes, wow. This is perfect and amazing, and OMG. Can we just do this for the next 64 hours?

source : seventeen.com


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