3 Moves For Getting Your Best Butt Ever!

Ask your bestie to try this booty-sculpting routine from Barry’s Bootcamp with you. Just do it twice a week, and by the end of the month, you’ll both have butts that are totally worth twerking about!

By Seventeen Magazine

Plank Pulses Give You A Booty Lift

A) Face each other in a plank position, propped up on your forearms with your body completely straight. (Keeping your eyes locked with your bestie’s will help you hold your form.)

B) Lift one leg off the ground, with your knee bent and your foot flexed. Pulse your raised leg toward the ceiling for 5 seconds, and then drop back into a regular plank. Repeat for 30 seconds; switch legs.

TIP: No more flat tushes! This move builds the roundness you want.

source : seventeen.com


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