You won’t believe this..

3 men attempt to force baby out of
8-month pregnant lover’s womb

By Tina Akannam

Dutse—Operatives of Jigawa State Command of
Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC,
have apprehended three men for allegedly
attempting to pull out the baby from the womb
of an eight-month pregnant woman at Gusau
quarters in Gumel Local Government.

The suspects, Adamu Usman Barma, 31; Fawas
Bala, 28; and Buhari Ahmed, 29, were said to be
the 20-year-old woman’s lovers.

State Commandant of the corps, Dr. Muhammed
Gidado, said when his officers got to the scene
of the incident, one of the suspects was holding
the pregnant woman by the neck, another held
her legs, while the third attempted to pull out
the baby.

He said the lady, identified as Maryam
Muhammed, currently on admission in an
unnamed hospital, admitted that she had been
having affairs with the three men.

The suspects confessed that the pregnancy
belonged to them and they had told her to abort
it, but that she refused.
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How devaluation of the naira affects you


In a much anticipated press briefing the Central
Bank Governor, Godwin Emefiele yesterday
announced that the Monetary Policy Committee
had taken a decision to effectively devalue the
Naira. The CBN also took a decision to increase
the Monetary Policy rate to 13 per cent from 12
per cent which in financial terms is quite a huge

The MPR is the rate at which the CBN
essentially lends money to banks and is in turn
a benchmark for bank lending to the wider
economy. The CBN also decided it was going to
increase Private Sector Cash Reserve
Requirement to 20 per cent from 15 per cent.

The CRR is a limit imposed on private sector
deposits that the bank will have to keep with
the CBN effectively meaning they only get to
lend out 80 per cent of our deposits with them.

Just like many have asked me on twitter, in my
blog and via messages, I am sure you must be
wondering too, what does this all mean to me?
How does it affect my savings, spending and
investments? I will attempt to explain in
practical terms.

I want to buy or sell forex

Travel allowance – For those looking to travel
abroad and looking to buy dollars from the bank,
the exchange rate for you is perhaps between
N173 and N177 assuming the naira does not
crash further. If you use our local debit and
credit cards abroad, then you are essentially
paying the same amount with the interbank

Black market buyers – For those who prefer to
buy or sell dollars at the black market, this new
rule could only affect you if the naira crashes
further. Visitors into Nigeria who have dollars
with them are set to benefit immensely. It
means their money is worth much more now
than before. Salary earners in dollars also earn
more when they convert to naira.

I have a bank loan or I am looking to secure
The increase in MPR as explained above means
the CBN has now effectively increased lending
rate in the country. Usually when this occurs,
commercial banks also increase their lending
rate to borrowers.

For those who have consumer loans such as car
loans, mortgages, credit card debts, personal
loans etc. don’t be surprised if your bank sends
you a letter this week or next week informing
you of an increase in your borrowing cost.

This also extends to small businesses with loans
that are kept at floating rates (which changes
with market conditions). The banks may decide
to increase your borrowing rates depending on
how they perceive your risk profile.

Those who have dollar denominated loans are
also heavily exposed to higher pay out
especially if you took out a dollar loan even
when you earn your income in naira. Your
income has now effectively reduced in dollar
terms meaning you have to spend more to pay
off your dollar loans.

What happens to my investment in Treasury
Bills, Fixed and savings?

The money market has been relatively volatile
as investors reacts to the wave of economic
news. With this MPC decision, particularly the
one increasing MPR as well as CRR, I believe
TB rates will increase in the primary market. If
you got 10 per cent for six month treasury bills
investment, then it might just increase to 12 per
cent in reaction to tightening liquidity.

This of course depends on the diverse
expectations of bidders for treasury bills. Fixed
deposits from banks will also likely increase in
response to the increase in CRR as well as
increase in lending rates. You should attempt to
renegotiate your rates with your bank to also
reflect the current market conditions.

Remember, the naira is worth less now in dollar
terms so you need to grab as much value as

What happens to my stocks?
Many believe the stock market has probably
become pricey in the devaluation of the naira.

This is because the stock market is like a
leading indicator and reflects the mood of
things to come before any other market does
so. However, some stocks do come under
scrutiny considering the outcome of the MPC
meeting. Companies that have heavy dollar
exposures are examples as they may need to
incur higher forex cost by year end, if they had
not hedged. Banking stocks also come under
further pressure due to the increase in CRR as
their Net Interest Margins may reduce thus
affecting profits. However, it is thought that
loss may be neutralised by gains in the forex market.

Oil and gas stocks are also at risk of
reporting lower earnings if the price of oil
continues to slide further.

Spending and family budget
As we approach the Christmas season, it’s not
unlikely that prices of goods and services will go
up. Examples are foreign goods which most
people rely on, gift items, baby products etc.

Luxury items might also be even more
expensive with the devaluation of the naira. The
Nigerian economy is essentially ‘dollarised’ due
to our high taste for imports, so I won’t be
surprised if things get more expensive. It may
therefore be wise to buy your Christmas goods
early enough as consignments coming in from
next week will probably be more expensive
when they are sold.
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Court rejects Jonathan’s letterhead in Leadership journalists’ suit


A Federal Capital Territory High Court in Kubwa,
on Tuesday rejected a plane letterhead of the
office of President Goodluck Jonathan tendered
by the Federal Government in the forgery suit
instituted against two journalists with the
Leadership newspaper.

The Leadership Group Limited, its Group News
Editor, Mr. Tony Amokeodo, and a senior
correspondent with the newspaper, Chibuzor
Ukaibe, are facing 11 counts of forgery and
conspiracy following the publication of the
bromide of a presidential directive by the
newspaper on April 3, 2013.

At the resumed hearing of the case on
Wednesday, the prosecuting counsel, Chief
Adegboyega Awomolo (SAN), sought to tender
the plane letterhead in his bid to prove the
forgery allegation against the accused.

But Justice Usman Musale rejected the
document, upholding the contention of the
defence counsel, Mr. Femi Falana (SAN), who
had argued that the exhibit was not admissible
since it was certified by the Office of the Chief
of Staff to the President instead of the office of
the President itself.

Falana said, “What they sought to tender is a
blank sheet of paper from the Office of the
Chief of Staff to the President.

Since the witness has said that he got a certified true
copy from the Office of the Chief of Staff, he cannot tender it.

“He cannot seek to tender a letterhead paper
from the Office of the Chief of Staff because
there is dichotomy between the President and
the Chief of Staff. The document in dispute is
from the Office of the President and not from
the office of the Chief of Staff. I urge the court
to reject it in the interest of justice.”

Awomolo had sought to tender the document
through a prosecution witness in the case, Mr.
Ibrahim Bako, a police officer.

Bako had testified that the police received
complaint about the case and that in the course
of the investigation he went to the Presidency
and met an assistant director, Abiye White, who
gave him a blank letterhead paper from the
office of the President.

He concluded that the published letter could not
have emanated from the Presidency.

Bako added that the investigation revealed that
the bromide and the Coat of Arms in the
publication did not tally with the document he
obtained from the Presidency.

At that point, Awomolo sought to tender a
certified true copy of the letterhead paper which
the witness said was obtained from the office
of the President.

In response to Falana’s objection, Awomolo said
it was misconceived.
He further argued that the document was from
the officer who had custody of it.

“It is wrong to expect that the President will
certify documents by himself,” Awomolo said.

But Justice Musale in his ruling rejected the
document, saying that it could not be admitted
as exhibit against the accused person.
The case has been adjourned to January 21,

Devaluation: Naira hits N186 in parallel market

The exchange rate for the dollar in Abuja parallel market, otherwise called the
black market, on Wednesday rose to between N182 and N186, a day after the
Central Bank of Nigeria devalued the nation’s currency by N13, an investigation by
a News Agency of Nigeria correspondent revealed.
This is against the new official exchange rate N168 announced on Tuesday by the
Governor of CBN, Mr Godwin Emefiele.
The NAN correspondent, who checked near the Sheraton Hotel, Zone 4, Abuja, the
rendezvous for most ‘black’ market operators, found that the lowest naira
exchange to the official exchange rate was N182.
Some of the operators told NAN that the difference between their rate and the
official rate was to accommodate the “extra charges’’ they pay to “dealers’’ they
got the hard currency from.
A ‘black’ market operator, Alhaji Usman Gongola, told NAN that he sold one dollar
at N186 and bought one dollar for N183. Another operator, Alhaji Bello Abdullahi,
said he sold at N184 and bought one dollar for N182.
Also speaking, Alhaji Mohammed Bichi, told NAN that he sold one dollar at N182
and bought one dollar for N181.
The CBN on Tuesday announced a new exchange rate of N168 to one US dollar
as against the old rate of N155 to one dollar.
The CBN governor told newsmen at the end of the Monetary Policy Committee
meeting in Abuja on Tuesday that the measure was to strengthen the economy,
following continued slide of oil price in the international market.

If you got boobs you need this …

Finding a bra that fits does not have to be stressful! Whether you’re an A or an F, here’s how to find the perfect bra for you.

1. You should have more than one everyday bra. Aside from the fact that not all bras go with all shirts, it’s important to rotate your fave bra with at least a few others to make it last longer. Wearing the same bra for more than three days in a row can stretch it out. 

2. Your bra size WILL change. Even just a five pound weight loss or gain can affect your bra size, and your cup size can change as you grow. Don’t assume the size you were freshman year is the same size you’ll be heading into college. 

3. Wear your bra on the loosest clasp. As it stretches out over time, you can tighten it so it continues to fit correctly. 

4. When you lift your arms, your bra shouldn’t move Try it. Put your arms over your head. Does your bra ride up? If it does, your cup may be too small and your band may be too big. 

5. The center of your bra (called “the gore”) should be totally flat against your sternum. Poke the center of your bra towards your chest. Does it sit easily against your sternum, or does your entire bra move? If it’s the latter, you probably need to go up a cup size. 

6.  If your cups are wrinkling, the size is too big. You should fill out the cups enough to eliminate any wrinkles or gaping. 

7.  If your bra leaves dents on your shoulders, you need a smaller band size. Don’t assume your chest is too heavy and you have to live with those annoying shoulder dents! It’s actually your band’s fault. Straps are only supposed to carry 10 percent of the weight of your chest. Dents mean your straps are working too hard, and a smaller band size will give more support. 

8.  When your straps slip down, your band is too large. It’s the same idea as your straps working too hard—if your straps are slipping, they aren’t supporting. Try going down a band size. 

9.  If there is any spillover at the top or sides of your bra, you need to go up a cup size. QBS, or Quadruple Boob Syndrome, happens to the best of us! When your bra is too small, it cuts your breast in half, creating what looks like four boobs. Eek. Let them breathe and go up a cup size. 

10. If your band rides up in the back, go down a band size. Stand to the side and look in the mirror. If your band is riding up at all in the back, it’s probably too big and you should size down. 

11. Go up a cup size if your underwire pokes you or rides up. Underwire should NOT be uncomfortable! If it’s poking you, go up a cup size, and it’ll feel a lot better. 

13 Things Guys Do That Girls Just Don’t Get

1. Why they take mirror selfies with their shirts off. What is up with that? And why do guys randomly flex in the middle of a conversation? You’re not Justin Bieber!

2. Why they always make vague plans. “Let’s hang out sometime.”

3. Why they never use the emojis you want them to use. They always send high fives, the poop emoji, and the flexing muscle one, when all you really want is the heart-eye one!

4. Why they always make fun of girls’ hand-on-hip poses, but then they always do the same dorky poses in their “bro” pix. They hold up the peace sign, point at each other, or make “angry” faces to look tough in their selfies. And, what’s with that squinty eye thing and raised brows expression?

5. Why they always think they know more about certain things than you do. Like sports, bands, and movies.

6. Why they take so long to text back. It’s been 20 minutes, and all you see is this:

7. How they can get ready so fast. Seriously, how does it only take five minutes?

8. But then how they sometimes take FOREVER to get ready, too. Unless you have to style your hair like Harry Styles, there’s no reason you should be in the bathroom for that long.

9. How their room can be a complete disaster, but then they get annoyed if you put one of their video games back in the wrong place. Don’t they care that there’s probably something growing under their bed? #Gross.

10. How they can respond to long text messages with just “K.” You just put so much thought into a text and all they respond is “K.” Don’t they know how rude that is?!

11. How they never notice ANYTHING. You can pull a Kylie Jenner and show up in school looking like a completely different person, and your crush still won’t notice.

12. Why they think you have PMS every time you’re upset. Sometimes, girls are just moody, and please, do not ever make period jokes—like ever.

13. Why they act like total idiots when their bros are around. Why do they pull weird pranks all the time/can never be serious when they’re with other dudes

But then again, these are all the silly reasons they’re can be so adorbs, even if none of it ever makes sense.

Did we miss anything? What do guys do that drive you cray, or you totally just don’t get? Comment below!

Nigeria loses N27bn to gas flaring in one month

By Michael Eboh
Nigeria lost about $170.166 million, around N27.227 billion to gas flaring in one month, as oil and gas companies flared 39.07 billion Standard Cubic Feet (SCF) of gas in the month of August 2014.

Quoting data from the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), Bloomberg put the price of natural gas at $4.27 per million British Thermal Unit (BTU) of gas. A Standard Cubic Feet of gas is equal to 1,020 BTU of gas.

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, in its latest report on activities in the oil and gas sector for the month of August 2014, revealed that the oil and gas companies produced a total of 226.255 billion SCF of gas, utilised 187.85 billion SCF and   flared 39.070 billion SCF.

Specifically, the quantity flared represents 17.27 per cent of the total quantity of gas produced.

Marginal Fields operators were the worst offenders in the month under review, flaring 81.58 per cent of their total gas production. Specifically, Marginal Fields produced 1.223 billion SCF of gas, utilized 805.424 million SCF and flared 997.587 million SCF of gas.

Sole Risk/Independent oil companies followed with the production of 14.139 billion SCF of gas, utilizing 2.81 billion SCF and flaring 11.33 billion SCF, representing 80.12 per cent of the total quantity of gas produced.

Production Sharing Companies recorded gas production of 27.828 billion SCF, utilized 18.558 billion SCF and flared 9.27 billion SCF of gas, representing 33.31 per cent of the total gas produced in the sector.

Joint Venture companies were the least offenders, flaring 9.86 per cent of the total gas produced in the sector. Specifically, companies in the sector jointly produced 183.066 billion SCF of gas, utilized 165.011 billion and flared 18.055 billion SCF.

On a company-by-company basis, Seplat Petroleum Development Company and Niger Delta Western, were the worst offenders, with each flaring 100 per cent of their total gas production of 830.26 million SCF and 2.682 billion SCF respectively.

Allied Energy/Camac Energy followed, flaring 94.44 per cent of their total gas production of 961.37 million SCF, while Midwestern Oil and Gas produced 22.685 million SCF, flaring 21.185 million SCF, representing 93.39 per cent.

Chevron Texaco flared 379.192 million SCF, representing 90.98 per cent of its 416.774 million SCF gas production; Pillar Oil produced 20.65 million SCF, utilized 2.29 million SCF and flared 18.36 million SCF, representing 88.91 per cent of its total gas production, while Naconde Energy flared 84.24 per cent of its 40.837 million SCF gas production.

Energia Limited produced 290.52 million SCF of gas, utilized 72.19 million SCF and flared 218.33 million SCF, which is 75.15 per cent of its total gas production; Oriental Energy flared 72.3 per cent of its total gas production of 183.35 million SCF, while Nigerian Petroleum Development Company, NPDC, flared 71.85 per cent of 8.932 billion SCF of gas it produced in the period under review.

The NNPC, had in its Annual Statistical Bulletin for the year 2013, declared that Nigeria lost about $1.705 billion (N272.8 billion) to gas flaring, as oil and gas firms operating in the country flared 409.311 billion Standard Cubic Feet, SCF, of gas between January and December 2013.

According to the NNPC, oil and gas firms produced 2.325 trillion SCF of gas in the 2013, but were only able to utilise 1.917 trillion SCF, flaring 409.311 billion SCF, representing 17.6 per cent of the total gas produced.

How to get the perfect Platinum Lips

YouTube beauty guru Lisette
of Luhhsettyxo teaches how
to rock platinum lips, an easy
and glamorous way for your
makeup to look on point. The
fun and fab beauty look is
great for a night out with your
girls! Check out the step by
step below to get this pretty
night-out look.

1. Get a pretty pop of color by
applying two coats of bright
pink lipstick right from the
2. Now add a little sparkle!
Blend a silver cream
eyeshadow (it’s easier to find
than silver lipstick!) onto the
center of your inner bottom
3. Make sure your look gets
noticed by swiping on a clear
gloss. It will reflect the light
and draw eyes straight to
your mouth!

11 things that happen every time you text your crush


1. You spend 30 minutes crafting the ~perfect~ message.

Should I ask him how his day’s going?? No, that’ll sound too desperate. What if I just say ‘hey’?

2. You look over the text with all 10 of your BFFs. before sending.

Guys, what should I text to Dude From Lauren’s Party ??? Do you think this is good??

3. But you’re STILL not sure, so you re-write it 15 more times, and then ask your guy friends to look it over.

IDK, maybe I should lose the smiley emoji?! No, no def keep the emoji.

4. You’re finally happy with it, and hit send while you FREAK OUT.


5. And then you read it over and realize auto-correct totally misspelled something!

SERIOUSLY. How did iPhone think I meant to say “peeing” instead of “seeing”???

6. An hour goes by, and he still hasn’t texted you back yet.

*Immediately text all your friends asking why he hasn’t texted you back yet*

7. So you start freaking out—maybe you should have written “you” instead of “u”???

UGH I knew I shouldn’t have listened to Brittany—I should have definitely stuck with the wink emoji. What was I thinking???

8. You check your phone every 5 minutes to see if he’s finally texted.

Did you just hear my phone buzz? Wait, did my screen light up?! What if he texted me and I didn’t get it because the service here is the worst!!!

9. At this point, you realize he basically hates you and never wants to speak to you again.

OK, that’s it. It’s time to accept my losses and move on. *Immediately text friends and invite them over to watch ‘The Notebook’ and dig into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s*

10. But just as you’re freaking out to your BFFs, your phone finally buzzes!!!

OMG. OMG. I GOT A REAL LIVE ACTUAL TEXT. *Please let it be from him. Please let it be from him.*

11. You open up the text, and it’s from *him*!!!!

Lol, I KNEW he was going to text me—obvi he was just busy in class all day. SO excited to hang out at the game this weekend!!


Color Contacts

Color contacts are optional, but a pair of purple eyes certainly is striking. Feel free to have fun with color. The best way to look for eccentric shades is online. Pink, purple, light blue and green are all great anime colors. There are even lenses designed to make your irises larger, just like an anime character’s. If you like to cosplay a lot, buy several pairs. You can change your characters around the color of your eyes.