Improving lives through smart intelligent online tools, the Google example


At the just concluded “Google House” initiative held in Lagos, the search engine, Google has introduced to the Nigerian market online tools like Voice Search, Maps and Google Now via the Google Search App as well as YouTube, Google+, and Play on how best Google can be a smart intelligent assistant to people’s living.

The “Google House” initiative aims to provide a platform through which everyone can experience firsthand how apps and gadgets could improve everyday living.

The event which hosted over 400 guests from government, media, education and content creation sectors was the first to hold in Africa.

Speaking on the Google House initiative, Affiong Osuchukwu, Google’s Country Marketing Manager said that, “our goal is to introduce Nigerians to the Google brand, as well as our key features like Voice Search, Maps (and Google Now) via the Google Search App as well as YouTube, Google+, and Play.”

According to him, Google Nigeria team aims to show Nigerians how Google can be a smart intelligent assistant, making everyday life simpler for everyone.

“We want everyone that attends to feel that they are entering a better, easier, smarter world powered by the Internet and Google” he explained.

Also explaining, Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade, Communications and Public Affairs Manager West Africa said that, “Everyone should be able to use technology to make their lives easier.

“We have seen that there is more that can be done with mobile devices beyond making / receiving of calls or browsing the internet. Our mobile devices can assume the role of a personal assistants that help us get more efficient. At the Google House, we aimed to make a practical connection between technology through Google tools and everyday Nigerian life”.

“From being able to plan your day’s journey using Google Maps & Nav, helping the kids with homework and assignments using Google Drive, and getting help with everyday kitchen chores via Google voice search, we have shown that Google can be an assistant”

Some of the top highlights from the demo-event were the kitchen demonstrations by celebrity chefs; Tolu Eros and Uzo Amuta who took turns showing attendees how to use Google in the Kitchen. Their demos included using Google Voice to set reminders, finding recipes, research health benefits of different foods and also make food-related conversations that many people find “puzzling”.

Accordingly, the Google House Nigeria was sectioned into over five rooms; Kitchen, Living room, Teen room, Business professional room, travel room and the Future Room set aside for visitors to try out Google Earth and other recent technologies like Cardboard and Google Glass.


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