Radiologist decries high breast cancer cases

A consultant radiologist, Prof. Millicent Obajimi, on Wednesday raised the alarm over the increasing rate of breast cancer in the country and the absence of  adequate measures to tackle the scourge.

Obajimi, who works with the University College Hospital, Ibadan, made this known in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos.

The radiologist, therefore, urged stakeholders to ensure better care for cancer patients to increase survival rate of victims.

Obajimi said,  “Breast cancer incidence is increasing and not much is being done to match that increase. One thing about breast cancer is that it has also been found to be a heterogeneous and different disease.

“Breast cancer in the African woman is different from the breast cancer in the white woman,  and the whites have been doing a lot of work, research and a lot of programmes to combat it.

“But, we are depending on their outcome of research, their own drug, which may not be totally agreeable to the black woman.

“Because the tendency all over the world now is personalised medicine – looking at the biology and trying to develop a particular drug in respect of that biology to help in care.

“And, that is usually more effective than just giving a drug across board for everybody known to have breast cancer, which no longer works all over the world.”

The radiologist said lack of easy access to breast cancer care and treatment by rural women, had contributed to increase the burden of the disease.


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