Four infant bodies found in Canada storage locker

The bodies of up to four infants have been found in a storage locker in Winnipeg, Canada, authorities say.

Police responded to a call from an employee at the storage facility on Monday, and discovered the decomposed remains inside.

Tests on the unidentified bodies have yet to take place.

Investigators are speaking with “a number of individuals”, they say, but the remains do not appear linked to any infants previously reported missing.

Police spokesman Eric Hofley told Canadian media the finding was “tragic beyond belief”.

The bodies are said to be newborns or someone “of a very young age”, he added. “[They’re] certainly not children.”

The remains were discovered at a Winnipeg U-Haul storage facility by an employee who contacted authorities.

It is not clear how long the remains were in the storage locker before they were found.

Storing or concealing human remains is in itself illegal, said Hofley.

“Until such time as the autopsies have determined what is the cause of this, we won’t know what the full extent of the charges may or may not be.”


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