I’m not wanted in US or anywhere -Kashamu

A chief of the Peoples Democratic Party in Ogun State, Mr.
Buruji Kashamu, has explained why he cannot be extradited
to the Unites States of America to answer questions on
alleged drug trafficking.

Kashamu, who was reacting to a call for his extradition by a
group, led by Mr. Timi Frank in Abuja on Monday, said there
was no request for his extradition from any country.

He said in a statement by his Media Adviser, Mr. Austin
Oniyokor that he would have ignored Frank, but added that
he decided to reply because he wanted to correct the
impression given by Frank in his statement.
Oniyokor also said Kashamu was not a wanted person either
in the USA or anywhere on the world.

He said, “We are constrained to react because of the attempt
to mislead the public. It is misdirected and mischievous.
“Prince Kashamu is not wanted by anyone. If he is, as
claimed by this armorphous group, we challenge it to
produce a warrant to that effect or bury its head in shame.

“Frank and his ilk should know that the AGF cannot
surrender anyone without an extradition request that has to
be subjected to a legal process. Up till date, nothing of such
exists and it cannot because Prince Kashamu had been tried
in the United Kingdom based on the same indictment at the
behest of the United State Government.

“He was freed by the British court when it was found that it
was a case of mistaken identity. He did not escape from
justice as his extradition case is now cited and has become a
reference in British Law books, such as Nicholls,
Montgomery, and Knowles on.

“‘The Law of Extradition and Mutual Assistance’ (Third
Edition), and David Young, Mark Summer and David Korker
on the ‘Abuse of Process in Criminal Proceedings’, among
others. These law books gave a full account of the British
court proceedings and the decisions of the court on the
same purported indictment.

“By its conduct, the so-called anti-graft group has shown its
ignorance of the due process of law or it is blinded by other
interests which it seeks to serve, and not the noble cause it
lays claims to. Otherwise, it should know that someone
cannot be tried over the same allegation by the same party

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