How to get rid of that acne

Let it breathe

If your pimples are only on your forehead, you might be
tempted to hide them under a tight-fitting cap or headband.
Although that’s fine for a quick event, you may pay a price
for long-term camouflage. The heat and friction could make
your acne worse.

Don’t use drugs

If you search the Internet for acne home remedies, you may
come across a suggestion to use crushed aspirin paste.
Aspirin is related to salicylic acid, a common ingredient in
over-the-counter acne products. But salicylic acid products
are specifically made for the skin. Applying a paste of pure
aspirin could irritate your skin.

Try injections

For large acne cysts, corticosteroid injections may offer a
quick fix. A dermatologist injects a diluted version of a
corticosteroid directly into the pimple to reduce swelling and
prevent scarring.
After the injection, the cyst will shrink over the next few
days. You should not attempt to pick at or treat a cyst

Blend it

Using a concealer that’s too light or too dark can make a
pimple stand out more. Try mixing two shades of concealer
to make a custom blend that’s a precise match for your skin.
Be careful to blend the edges of the concealed area to create
a seamless line with the surrounding skin. Use the same
custom blend for touch-ups throughout the


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