Breakfast ideas for energy-filled day

A bowl of oats

A bowl of oats

Feeding our body in the morning is extremely important, as
it gives the body the energy it needs to develop and grow to
its full potential; which is why powering through the morning
on an empty stomach is bad for you.

According to research by here are some
breakfast ideas which contain the various nutrients needed
to kickstart our day…

Sandwich & a cup of coffee: The classic egg sandwich is a
good breakfast choice to start a new day and the coffee is a
beverage many people already consume for its energy-
boosting properties. The potent antioxidants found in it have
been linked to a lower rate of many diseases. Both make a
super breakfast when eaten together.

Nuts & yoghurt: Sometimes, work gets a little rough and the
only time you have to yourself are the wee hours of the
morning before you go bolting out the door again. Nuts and
yoghurt is a good fix for this situation and is definitely a
combination that provides your body with what it needs to
keep your blood-sugar levels steady. Some yoghurt already
have nuts mixed in them, this makes it even better and
easier to consume on the go.

Smoothies: These are a perfect snack any time of the day
and can easily be consumed on the go. A good blend of
peanut butter and banana will give you the adequate protein
boost you need to last you through the morning.

Oats: The oatmeal is one food that’s guaranteed to make
you happy, healthy and keep you full throughout the day. It
is good for the mornings because it is a complex
carbohydrate that releases slowly throughout the day in the
digestive system and this releases energy as you go about
your activities for the day.


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