I drug motorists, steal their cars, sell in Aba-25 year old man

By Emma Una

CALABAR—A 25-year-old man, who gave his name as Simon
Monday, has said that in the past nine months, he has
drugged over 10 people and taken their cars to Aba, Abia
State, to sell.

Monday said his trick is to engage the services of owners of
cars he wants to steal at very attractive fee and become
friendly with the driver during journey.
He then offers the driver Five Alive juice, laden with drugs.

The driver sleeps off and he takes the car to Aba, where
there is a ready buyer.
Monday said he does not live in Calabar, but comes to the
city to steal cars.

He said that between December 2013, when he started and
this month, he had stolen over 10 cars in Calabar and sold
same at Aba.

He said: “I operate alone because when the person takes the
juice, he immediately sleeps off and I can then drive the car
to Aba and hand it over to the buyer before the owner
would even wake up.”


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