Ebola: Second Texas health worker tests positive

Texas Hospital

Texas Hospital

A second health worker in the US state of Texas has tested
positive for Ebola, health officials say.A 26-year-old female
nurse is already receiving treatment after becoming infected
by a Liberian man who died from the deadly virus last week.

Meanwhile, the UN’s Ebola mission chief says the world is
falling behind in the race to contain the virus. The World
Health Organisation says 4,447 people have died from the
outbreak, mainly in West Africa.

Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea have been hardest hit by
the outbreak, which began in December 2013 but was
confirmed in March.

Anthony Banbury told a special session of the UN Security
Council on Tuesday that if Ebola was not stopped now, the
world would “face an entirely unprecedented situation for
which we do not have a plan”.President Barack Obama is
due to hold a video conference with British, French, German
and Italian leaders to discuss the Ebola crisis later on

Nina Pham was exposed to Ebola at a Dallas hospital when
she treated Liberian Thomas Duncan, the first person
diagnosed with the virus on US soil.Doctors at the Health
Presbyterian hospital said she was in good condition on

The identity of the second health worker has not yet been
revealed, however, the person also cared for Duncan while
he was in hospital.

The health worker was immediately isolated after reporting
a fever on Tuesday, the Texas State Department for Health
said in a statement.”Health officials have interviewed the
latest patient to quickly identify any contacts or potential
exposures, and those people will be monitored,” the
department said.

US officials previously said they were monitoring 48 contacts
of the Liberian national and the healthcare workers who
treated him.

The US Centers for Disease Control expressed concern over
the latest development in a statement, but added that it was
“not unexpected that there would be additional exposures”.

It has announced new measures to improve hospital
preparedness for Ebola treatment, including an immediate
response team that will travel to the site of any future Ebola
diagnoses to hit the ground “within hours”.

Nurses at the Dallas hospital say they worked for days
without adequate protective clothing and received little
guidance on how to prevent the spread of the virus.

Another health worker tests positive for Ebola in US
CDC: ‘A second healthcare worker at Texas Presbyterian
Hospital who provided care for the index patient has tested
positive for Ebola’ – statement
Texas officials: ‘A second health care worker at Texas Health
Presbyterian Hospital who provided care for the first Ebola
patient diagnosed in the United States has tested positive for
the disease’ – statement


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