Brazil records first Ebola suspect, quarantines Guinean

Brazil says it has identified a suspected Ebola case who
arrived in the country on Thursday.

The patient, Souleymane Bah from Guinea, presented
himself after coming down with a fever at a public health
centre in the town of Cascavel in the southern state of

He has been flown to Rio de Janeiro to the National Institute
of Infectology.

Doctors say he no longer has a fever and blood test results
are expected on Saturday.

Health Minister Arthur Chioro said the situation was under
control and “all health protocols and procedures were
applied efficiently and with great success.”

Guinea is one of the three West African countries most
affected by Ebola.

Bah’s symptoms appeared on the 20th day after he left
Guinea – within the 21-day incubation period.

But since his arrival, he has not shown any symptoms and
his fever has not returned.

Bah arrived in Brazil as a refugee and was granted leave to
remain until 2015 by immigration police.

Sixty-four people, who came into contact with Bah, mostly in
the health centre in Parana, are also being monitored for

symptoms of Ebola, although the Health Ministry says they
are considered low risk.

Concerns have been expressed about what route Bah took
to get to Brazil.

The authorities in Argentina are concerned he may have
come to South America through one of the country’s airports
or ports.

The Brazilian Health Ministry says it has contacted the World
Health Organisation about these concerns.


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