Court dissolves 20-year-old marriage over `sex starvation’

Lagos – An Igando Customary Court in Lagos, on Thursday
dissolved the 20-year-old marriage between Mr Adetoro
Onipede and his wife, Olubunmi because she starved him of
President of the court R.I Adeyeri, said that “all efforts to
reconcile the couple had proved futile as the petitioner
insisted on divorce.
“Both parties are no longer husband and wife, they are free
to go their separate ways,” Adeyeri ruled.
Onipede, 50, had filed a suit on Aug. 21, seeking for the
dissolution of his 20-year-old marriage on the ground of sex
starvation by his wife.
Onipede said that his wife, Olubunmi, had been denying him
sex after she gave birth to their last child 14 years ago.
“She always starves me of sex and will not even allow me to
touch her. Anytime I tried to force myself to do it, she will
pick up a dangerous weapon to stab me, ” he said.
According to Onipede, his wife was always spiteful and
always in the habit of bringing him down in the presence of
her friends, family and neighbours.
“Anytime I am short of money and my wife paid the
children’s fees or buy food in the house, she will tell our
neighbours, her friends and even inform her family, ” he
Onipede accused his wife of going out of the home and
coming back at will without his consent.
He pleaded with the court to separate them saying that his
body was not a piece of wood and he wanted to move on
with his life.
Defending the allegations, Olubunmi, 42, told the court that
she denied her husband sex because he turned her into a
sex worker.
“My husband had turned me into a prostitute; he will not
give me money except after making love to me.
“I am a wife and not a girl friend or sex worker, so I stopped
him from making love to me.”
Olubunmi claimed that she always informed her husband
anytime she was going out and she did not stay out late.
The mother of three urged the court not to grant her
husband’s wish as she was still in love with him. (NAN)


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