Cardinal asks Catholic Church to scrap phrase ‘living in sin’

Vatican – A Catholic cardinal suggested Tuesday that the
phrase “living in sin” for cohabiting couples should be
banned, saying it alienated people from the Church.
“To label people is not helpful,” the unnamed prelate was
quoted as saying at a major Vatican meeting on family
issues gathering some 250 bishops from around the world.
“The language has to change,” he said, according to a
spokesman for the extraordinary meeting known as a synod,
speaking at a daily news conference on the closed-door
The Church should instead encourage a “gradual”
rapprochement with unmarried couples, the cardinal urged.
At the opening of the synod on Monday, Pope Francis urged
bishops to “speak freely” in the talks set to run until October
On Sunday the pope issued a strong signal of support for
reform of the approach to marriage, cohabitation and
divorce, suggesting that the Church address the present gulf
between what it currently says on these issues and what tens
of millions of believers actually do.


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