Nigeria needs N10bn annually for survey, mapping – Surveyor-General

Abuja – The Surveyor-General of the Federation, Prof. Peter
Nwilo, said on Monday that the Federal Government needed
to provide N10 billion annually for some years to ensure
effective mapping of the country.
Nwilo, who made the call on the forum in Abuja, noted that
inadequate funding was delaying the effective spatial and
geo-spatial mapping of the country.
He said that the Office of the Surveyor-General needed
funds to build a world class data centre and develop other
facilities to provide information for potential users.
“The funding is the major issue. The funding situation is very
poor. Government must give us up to N10 billion yearly for
quite some time. We are working on data centre.
“You need to gather all these things and put there so that
someone who is coming to Nigeria and wants something on
erosion we should be able to tell him the situation in the
“And of course the maps we are producing, we need to
move quickly and finish. The imagery I have today if we wait
for the next three years would become obsolete. We must
use those information.
“It has been difficult to map the entire country. So, if we are
funded properly we would provide so much for this country
and they would be proud of us.’’
He said there was a dearth of qualified manpower in the
surveying profession, pointing out that currently there were
few registered surveyors in Nigeria.
Nwilo stressed the need for the government to encourage
more people to go into the profession by providing standard
equipment for tertiary institutions to enhance training.
“It may interest you to know that the number of registered
surveyors in this country is about 2,500 for a country like
“We say that we are 923,000 square kilometres and we have
that number. That is absolutely very small.
“There are so many things that we need to do that are not
being done. We need people. We need more than we have.
“If you make my staff members earn well, if you make
people working elsewhere earn well, the young people
would want to join.’’

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