Stop claiming credit for Ebola success story, APC tells Jonathan, PDP

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has asked President
Goodluck Jonathan and his party, the PDP, to stop taking
credit for the country’s successful containment of the Ebola
Virus Disease (EVD), saying it amounts to sheer dishonesty
for the duo to turn what was a collective effort to a PDP
campaign issue.
In a statement issued in London on Sunday by its National
Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said
President Jonathan and his party were wrong to have
appropriated the credit for the successful containment of
the EVD without giving due credit to the real heroes of the
successful battle: Dr. Stella Adadevoh and her colleagues at
the First Consultant Hospital; officials of the
Ministries of Health in Lagos and Rivers
States and the patriotic Nigerian
volunteers, among others.
It described as a cheap shot and a
shameless venture the President’s
decision to make the Ebola success
story a campaign issue during a PDP
rally in Benin, giving the impression that
only the PDP deserves the credit for the
successful containment of the disease.
APC said while indeed Health Minister
Onyebuchi Chukwu exhibited the kind of professionalism
and purposefulness that are not common with the Jonathan
Administration during the battle against Ebola, it will be
uncharitable for the PDP-led Federal Government to pretend
as if the government of the two affected states did nothing.
The party reminded President Jonathan that the two states
hit by Ebola, Lagos and Rivers, are APC states, and that the
promptness, purposefulness, doggedness and
determination shown by the Governors of the states
contributed largely to the successful containment of the
virulent disease.
”The cities of Lagos and Port Harcourt are perhaps the
largest metropolis to have ever been hit by the EVD since
the first outbreak was recorded in the Democratic Republic
of Congo almost 40 years ago, and any mishandling of the
disease could have spelt disaster not just for the cities but
for the country as a whole.
”But the ever-dogged and determined Governors Babatunde
Fashola of Lagos State and Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers States
employed the same winning strategies that have stood their
states out of the pack and quickly rose to the occasion,
putting in place measures that ensured a quick curtailing of
the EVD sprea. The measures include painstaking contact-
tracing, unrelenting follow-up and creative treatment of
infected patients even without access to the experimental
drug Zmapp.
”There is no doubt that Nigeria is fortunate that the EVD
outbreaks were recorded in those two states. It is a measure
of the high premium that the Chief Executives of the states
place on human life, a testimony to the strong health
systems they are building and an indication of their
purposeful approach to governance that they successfully
contained the disease, thus earning Nigeria a rare accolade
from the global community.
”Unlike the President and the PDP, we will also like to give
credit to the Minister of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu, for
acting out of character with the do-nothing Jonathan
We hope President Jonathan and his party will stop making
the Ebola success story in which opposition states were the
main actors a fulcrum of their campaign for the 2015
general elections. They cannot and should not take credit for
the containment of Ebola in Nigeria,” APC said.
The party also advised President Jonathan not to use the
Ebola containment effort as another tool to divide Nigerians
along party lines.
”President Jonathan is the most divisive President in
Nigeria’s history. He inherited a united Nigeria, but has
divided the country along ethnic and religious lines on the
altar of selfish personal ambition and short-term
It will amount to a monumental tragedy if the President will
again use the Ebola success story, which has earned Nigeria
a rare acclamation from the global community, as a tool to
further divide Nigerians,” it said.


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