Jumia boss tasks entrepreneurs on domesticating successful business ideas

The Managing Director of Jumia Nigeria, Dr. Jonathan Doerr
has charged Nigerian entrepreneurs to leverage ideas that
have proved successful in developed countries and
domesticate them here in Nigeria.
He stated this while speaking on the importance of
information and communication technology, ICT and wealth
creation in contemporary society, at ‘MTN Link Forum’ held
in Port Harcourt recently.
He said, “Nigerian entrepreneurs can take business ideas
that have proved successful in western countries like
America and Europe, and domesticate them in line with
realities in the country”.
Citing online retail as an example, Doerr noted that online
retail business had been thriving in America and Germany
before it was introduced into Nigeria with little adjustment
in the area of delivery and payment.
He said, “You don’t necessarily need to pass through the
stress of product development, there are products that have
been developed elsewhere and all you need to do is to take
critical look at them, modify them, and introduce them here
in Nigeria and it will be an instant success just like Jumia”.
Doerr further stated that, Nigeria, being one of the largest
economies in Africa is full of opportunities waiting for
entrepreneurs to tap from.
He added that what is needed to tap the huge opportunities
in the nation’s current economic status is business know-
how and courage.


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