Boosting military’s morale, key to fighting insecurity- Group

A civilian-military group, Support Our Troops Foundation,
says the key to fighting insecurity lies in the ability of
members of the public and the government to boost the
morale of the soldiers who are at the battle front.
The founder of the group, Mrs. Funmi Ogbue, said this
during an interview with our correspondent on Saturday.
She said it was important for all Nigerians, irrespective of
political affiliations, to come together and support the
military as this would boost their courage and ensure that
terrorism comes to a quick end.
Ogbue said this just as friends of a Nigerian Air Force officer,
Wing Commander Chimda Hedima, narrated how he killed
63 terrorists in an air strike shortly before he was beheaded
by Boko Haram.
Ogbue said the aim of the group was to provide for the
families of slain and injured soldiers and also celebrate and
inform Nigerians of the many victories recorded by the
military but usually go unreported.
She said Nigerians should note that the government could
not do it alone as even in the richest nations like the US,
private organisations and members of the public usually
donated to the military.
She said, “The group is the first military charity in Nigeria
while in a country like the United States, there are about 78
of such charities so we need to support our armed forces.
The group is dedicated to galvanising support for the armed
forces especially in the fight to end terrorism.
“We want to provide succour to them, look after their wives
and cheer them on as they take their final steps into battle.
We want to provide support to the medical facilities that
look after them and then support for their wives and
children. We seek to give scholarships to the children of
fallen soldiers and give grants to their wives.
“What we realised is that soldiers’ wives hardly have
businesses because they transfer their husbands all over the
place and they usually go with their husbands. So, it is
important that we take care of them.
“Anyone that can give assistance. Ministries, banks,
pharmaceutical companies, those that make prosthetic legs,
we are looking for supporters and volunteers that can give
back to the people who ensure that we remain safe because
their morale and welfare are important.”


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