Residents scooping fuel as tanker crashes in Kwara

Danger may currently be lurking in Osin community in Ilorin
East Local Government Area of Kwara State as residents of
the settlement are scrambling to scoop fuel spilled in the
area after a fuel tanker crashed on Saturday.
A resident of the village, who made a desperate call to
PUNCH Online on Saturday, feared that the worst might
happen if concerned authorities failed to respond to their
calls urgently.
The resident, a male(name withheld), alleged that four days
ago, there was an accident in the community, located along
the Ilorin-Jebba Road, saying the State Emergency
Management Agency, which promised to come to the scene,
failed to show up.
“Today again, this morning, a fuel tanker crashed some
minutes ago; its content is currently spilling around and
people are scooping fuel in the area. We have called the
same management agency but as I’m talking to you now,
they(members of the agency) have not shown up, though
they promised they would come,” says the resident.
“There is still fuel in the tanker that had an accident in this
place four days ago, it has not been evacuated. If any place
goes up in flame around this area, every body will be in
Our correspondent called Alhaji Abdulwahab Oba, the Chief
Press Secretary to Governor Abdulfattah Ahmed, who
promised to call on relevant agencies to race to the scene
and put the situation under control.

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