NYPD officer intentionally hit truck, falsely reported car theft in insurance scam: prosecutors

AN NYPD cop deliberately rear-ended a U-Haul truck and
falsely reported a car stolen in an elaborate two-year auto
insurance ripoff that helped him pay for his pricey rides,
prosecutors said Thursday.
Jose Urena, 32, filed a bogus vandalism claim in May 2012
and got about $10,000 from Nationwide Insurance
Company, according to the state attorney general’s office.
Urena, who works in the 25th Precinct, allegedly used the
disbursement to fix preexisting damage on his leased
Mercedes-Benz ML350.
In January 2013, the same luxury SUV was reported stolen
and was found burned, the AG said.
The report was made a day before his lease was to expire
and he would owe $2,000 in extra mileage fees, prosecutors
said. Urena pleaded not guilty at his arraignment and was
held on $35,000 bail.


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