Man electrocuted while vandalising transformer in Lagos

By Evelyn Usman
LAGOS— Residents of Lonlo area of Iju-Ishaga, Lagos woke
up yesterday to find the corpse of a man that was
electrocuted inside a transformer cabin.
The deceased, whose identity could not be ascertained, was
said to have been electrocuted while vandalising the
According to reports, the deceased who was wearing a blue
shirt and blue jeans trousers, apparently hid under the
cover of darkness and power failure to remove the steel
covering of the power equipment.
Just then, power was restored and there was reportedly a
spark from the transformer.
His motionless position alerted curious passers-by who
initially assumed he was an official of the Ikeja Power
Distribution Company. But on close observation, he was
discovered to have been electrocuted.
The incident created a scene as residents thronged the scene
to have a glimpse.
Police sources at Iju said the local government council had
been informed towards removing the corpse.

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