Jimi Agbaje lauds Nigeria at 54, preaches hope

A Lagos governorship aspirant in the People’s Democratic
Party (PDP), Mr. Jimi Agbaje, has said that post-
Independence Nigeria’s survival for 54 years demonstrated
more than anything else that the country was worth
In his words: “Nigeria has so much going for her and her
people, and if only we can open our hearts objectively, then
we shall see that we have baskets and baskets of blessings
to be grateful for.”
Agbaje expressed his views in a statement released in Lagos
yesterday through his campaign organisation’s Director of
Media and Publicity, Felix Oboagwina, in commemoration of
the country’s Independence anniversary.
“Those who have given up on the country fail to consider the
fact she is endowed with abundant human and natural
resources. Therefore, we should celebrate her people. We
should celebrate Nigeria as the largest economy in Africa.
And we should celebrate the fact that, nowhere are we
pushovers in regional and world sports, military
engagements, politics, diplomacy and population,” he
Congratulating President Goodluck Jonathan on the
country’s independence day celebration, Agbaje prayed for
God to grant him the wisdom and the courage to consolidate
on his Transformation Agenda as the foundation for building
Nigeria into the country of its people’s dreams.
As far as the PDP governorship aspirant could see, the
current security challenges were incapable of dividing
He encouraged Nigerians to remain optimistic, reminding
them that theirs was a country that had in the past, against
all odds, survived military coups, a Civil War, the June 12
crisis and lately the Ebola Viral Disease scourge; therefore, it
would also defy the present incursion of insurgency and
“The amalgamation of Nigeria and the joint Independence
struggle demonstrate loud and clear that Nigerians are quite
capable of forging a united front against their common
problems,” he said, adding that: “Every country has its own
challenges. And we have our own. Our unwavering can-do
spirit shows that we have everything it takes to surmount
our micro and macro distresses.”

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