Ebola in US: Texas children monitored for symptoms

Schoolchildren have come into contact with the first patient
to be diagnosed with Ebola on US soil, the governor of Texas
has said.
At a news conference at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital
in Dallas, Rick Perry said the children were being monitored
“at home” for symptoms.
The patient is thought to have contracted the virus in Liberia
before coming to the US nearly two weeks ago.
He is in a serious condition, a spokeswoman for the hospital
“Today we learned that some school-age children had been
identified as having had contact with the patient and are
now being monitored at home for any signs of the disease,”
Mr Perry said.
“Parents are extremely concerned about that development.
These children have been identified and they are being
Mr Perry emphasised the disease could not be transmitted
before a patient showed signs of the disease, and he said
Texas had the medical infrastructure to prevent an outbreak.
“The public should have every confidence that the highly
trained professional will succeed in this very important
mission,” he said.
Meanwhile, in Liberia a government spokesman said the
country had put in place “stringent screening” at the airport,
where the man showed no symptoms or fever as he
departed the country.
“What this incident demonstrates is the clear international
dimension of this Ebola crisis,” Lewis Brown, the country’s
information minister, said in a statement.

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